Carved Buffalo Lace Skull XLBF2

Carved Buffalo Lace Skull XLBF2

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It takes so much skill, precision and a passion for the artistry of carving to turn each Lace Skull into a true masterpiece.

The floral embellishment is flawless and harmonious with the tiny details carved with extreme accuracy. The rosey patterns brings a beautiful essence of textures.


Each Lace Skull is intricately hand carved with love and precision taking 2 - 3 days to complete. No two are alike yet each is exceptional in its own right giving a beautifully unique feel. 

The beautiful tracery, colours and textures are a compliment to any background they’re placed with.

Our lace skulls are all cruelty free guaranteed and come from a yearly festival where the wealthy donate their cattle to the poor and they utilise every part of the animal to support the family for an entire year, finishing with traditionally carving the skull as a decorative piece to honour the animal and representing new life.

They come with thick string for easy mounting on a wall or stand.