Blessed Be Wand (Pink)
Blessed Be Wand (Pink)
Blessed Be Wand (Pink)
Blessed Be Wand (Pink)
Blessed Be Wand (Pink)
Blessed Be Wand (Pink)

Blessed Be Wand (Pink)

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Our beautiful Smudge Sticks are a beautifully created earthy spiritual tool with the intention to bring you positivity, light, prosperity and to cleanse your space.

They are designed to activate and walk around in your space for cleansing. They are also perfect for ritual ceremonies.
Our wands are handcrafted and made with the intention to bring you calmness, inner peace and serenity which can help us live a better life. Follow your true purpose and blessed clarity of mind with this earthy bundle.
'Blessed Be' smudge wand is made with the intention to banish negativity and bless the area with positive light and unconditional love. 
The universal love that binds us all together. Made with beautiful pink, red and purple flowers which represents sensuality, beauty, love and strength just like the goddess of Venus. 
Release the fear, and be the goddess that you are. 
Blessed be smudge is made with organic Australian grown lavender, sage, lovely orange roses and bush flowers.
"Negative energy may not stay,
I release it and send it on its way,
Negative energy I banish thee
and is my word,
So let it be - Crone Chronicles
-Dispel Negative energy
-Stress relief
-Soothe stress
-Loving vibration
-Helps with grief & heart break


How to use: 

Set your intentions, let it burn and smudge its smoke into every corner of every room of your space and let it do it's magic.

Size and arrangement may vary slightly due to being handmade.

*Made with ethically sourced herbs and flowers*

***Listing is for 1 pc only***